Traveling in Egypt

Hello everybody! Welcome to my travel blog. I have been traveling the world for quite some time now and I decided that I have finally collected enough material to start sharing my travels with the world. My story begins in a little town in Arkansas. After high school, I knew that I absolutely wanted to get out and see the parts of the world that I have been reading about in textbooks and online, so I went away to college in London. College was amazing for me – I got a chance to travel all around Europe and visit famous sites and landmarks. This was the initial proponent in my traveling craze. After college, I knew I didn’t want to go back home, so I stayed in Europe – for 4 more years! Since European countries are so close together, I met friends from all over the EU, and spent the next few years bouncing around between hostel, friends’ apartments and cheap rental apartments that I managed to pay for by blogging online. Somewhere during this phase of my life, I had realized that this was my calling – I wanted to travel the world and share my experiences with my family, my friends, and most of all you, the online world of travel enthusiasts sharing my wanderlust and eager to see, visit, explore, and indulge in everything the world has to offer.


This blog is all about the wonderful life of a travel addict and all the good, the bad, and the ugly that comes along with it. I hope you enjoy my stories, and I wish you all safe travels, and fun times. Subscribe to my feed to stay updated on all the latest and greatest, and follow me around the world as I attempt to visit every location known and unknown to man :)

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